2 Weeks Later....

So after dealing with several companies to warranty and servicing some of my products, cause everything always fails at the exact same time.Google has really great customer service they talked to me for less than 5 mins and were able to send out an advanced replacement so that I can always be working and always have my phone active and on the go. On the other hand my Logitech keyboard stopped working. Getting that replaced was a long journey only cause it took almost two days for the service reps to reply to messages and arrive at a conclusion. On the positive side once they determined that i needed a replacement, there was a brand new keyboard at my doorstep in 48 hours. After all this I finally thought I could start on my projects. But, I fell into a trap of reading every page of documentation and tutorials and courses on a variety of platforms. I spent way to much time learning things that would have helped my ability to develop scripts in python, by the way I can completely avoi

Optical Character Recognition, the first steps

Today has been quite an interesting day, I learned that my camera on my test device will only start if the phone is in a certain orientation. After discovering this issue and adjusting to the workarounds I was finally able to get the Android Vision API to work and then freeze and record the data from the text. I'm using this optical character recognition to determine user information from an Identification card that does not have any RFID or NFC capabilities. The next step from today is to refine the data and then use it to determine which user is using the app and whose data to retrieve.